1. Trade Marks

Any products or images you come across on this website are subject to copyright and are available to only those who have purchased the right from us.

2. User

Visiting our website requires no fee or charge. However, certain information on some pages on the website becomes accessible only upon becoming our buyer or developer. Once you are a buyer or developer, you have to adhere to all terms and conditions.

3. Copyright cause

If you find anything on the website that you feel might lead to copyright infringement, reach out to us. Additionally, include some credentials such as your name, address, email. You can also point out to us where exactly the copied material is located.

4. Strictly Denied

Some of the strictly denied actions on the website are:

• Use of wrong/fake email id
• Connection with spidering, screen scraping, database scraping in order to derive information on users or the website in general
• Using the site for illegal, vulgar, or obscene activity
• Uploading some other developer’s code or trying to sell it as your own is strictly prohibited and frowned upon. You can only submit or sell codes that you have created or have the right to sell them. In case of any infringement or any reports of infringement against your product/code, we will be bound to take the necessary legal course of action.

Source Code Wise reserves the right to determine if your work is subjected to copyright violations.

5. Condition

Source Code Wise will not eliminate any Non-excludable Rights but would prohibit certain conditions in compliance with the law, customs, and acts.

Non-excludable Rights :

• All services or products featured on our website are sold or provided as is without any warranties.
• We do not guarantee that our products or services are free of errors
• We also do not guarantee that our hosting servers are free of viruses or malware

6. Regards to Reskin service

In case of a rejection or app suspension from Google Play or Apple stores on a reskinned order from us, Source Code Wise or our developers will not be held responsible.

7. Buyers terms and conditions

The contents and services published on the website is visible to all without any charges.

When you click on “Accept” on our Terms and Conditions page, you are automatically bound in a legal agreement with us.

If you are making a purchase on behalf of your company, please signify that you have the authority and right to legally bind your company to our website as far as Terms and Conditions are concerned.

Before getting into any agreement with us, please acknowledge that you are of the legal age to do so. (18 years or more is considered legal age in most countries)

8. Buyers

Source Code Wise has the right to determine:

1. If you are eligible to be a buyer
2. If your buyer’s a profile/account can be suspended on any grounds.

9. Source Code Wise’s Role

1. We do not claim any right on using our developers’ products
2. We do not engage in quality management of our products, nor do we guarantee any such thing
3. We are not responsible for any downloads of someone else’s product listed on our website.
4. Only our developers are responsible for such products.

10. Terms for Buying Products

After placing an order, you will send you your product at the earliest possible time. However, after we have already sent you your product or service, you no longer have the option of canceling the order.

In case of a clerical error on the product’s price or description, Source Code Wise will abort the transaction. If you face a deduction of the amount on your side, we will proceed with a refund.

11. 14 Days Money Back Guarantee

The 14 Days Money Back Guarantee ensures that the buyer’s product will function as was described on the website. In case of a malfunction, Source Code Wise will provide the original developer’s help. Upon the failure to fix the issue at hand, even by the original developer, you will be refunded the amount you paid, given that it is within two weeks of purchase.

Our refund policies are applicable only:

• If the product does not function as mentioned in the product description
• Failure to fix the issue even after 48 hours by original author/developer
• Refunds will be processed once the backend team approves, which takes 5-7 business days.

12. Charges for our services

i) Registration for developers is free
ii) Selling your product/service has no hidden charges
iii) Only buyers will have to pay for a product/service as priced by the owner
iv) Once the buyer makes the purchase, the developer will be paid his due credit
v) Payments are made via PayPal

13. Payment Option

For orders summing under $500, Source Code Wise accepts payments via PayPal. However, for bills of $500 or more, we only accept BankWire. Purchased products will be delivered within 2-3 business days.

14. Terms and conditions for Sellers

Terms and conditions for sellers are not much different from those of buyers. When you click in “Accept Terms & Conditions”, you agree to abide by the rules of Source Code Wise. A violation of any of the rules will lead us to take strict actions against you and might result in the suspension or removal of your seller account.

Additionally, we reserve the right to confiscate your user id and password upon a violation, although such information will never be put into misuse by us.

Only a legal adult of 18 years or more can register on our website.

15. Sellers Detail

Make sure that the data you provide us with about yourself is true and genuine.

Source Code Wise values the sellers’ privacy, and our Privacy Policies bear testament to that.

15. Terms for Selling Products

• Sellers can not sell products or services that are not compatible with the App Store or Google Play Terms.
• Sellers are prohibited from selling illegal, duplicate, or fake products.
• The product or service cannot be defamatory, threatening, or harassing.
• The product or service cannot lead to a loss of service to the ISP.
• The product or service cannot violate the rules of the State.
• Once you post your product or service on our website, Source Code Wise reviews them thoroughly. We reserved the right to reject the product if it does not comply with our terms and conditions.
• Your products/services are to remain online on our website for six months, starting from the day of publishing.
• You shall grant Source Code Wise the right to use the whole or any part of your product to promote our site.

16. Commissions

The sellers will authorize Source Code Wise to retain its commission for every product we sell. Currently, sellers receive upto 70% of each item they sell, barring the transaction fee. However, we have the right to update the commission fees from time to time, depending on the agreements.

17. Withdrawal Terms

Owners or authors of a product have the right to withdraw funds from their accounts at any time after two weeks of order completion.

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