General Questions

Source Code Wise is a platform where you can buy and sell App source codes & game templates and also hire teams for Google Play Store and App Store services like app and game development, designing and marketing.
In case of any asset related query it is advised to contact the author or the developer first. However, if they fail to address or resolve the issue, you can write to Source Code Wise support team and you will be provided with prompt assistance.

Buying Questions

In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact the author right away with a detailed description of the issue. If the author does not revert within 2 business days, you are eligible for applying for a refund. In order to request for a refund, log in to your registered account and go to your Order History. Under this section you will find the option of Request Refund. You can proceed with the request by clicking on this option.However, in case of an accidental purchase, unwanted purchase or a purchase older than 30 days, refund policies are not applicable.
After you place a request for refund with Source Code Wise, the author or the seller has 5 days to resolve the issue at hand and decide on the refund. If the seller does not revert to the buyers within that time-frame, the refund request will be automatically decided in favour of the buyer. But if the seller does revert within 5 days and after inspection denies a refund, the refund request will be automatically denied. If the buyer feels that such a denial has been unfair, he/she will be further provided with the option of raising a dispute by clicking on the Open Dispute link on the same page. After a dispute request is generated, the seller/author will be given another 5 days to come up with relevant information to counter the dispute. In case of a failure on the seller’s part, the refund dispute will be decided automatically in the buyer’s favour.
A buyer can only apply for a refund when the purchased product does not function as mentioned in the product description. If your refund request is accepted, it will take Source Code Wise about 48 hours to process the refund.
Licenses available on Source Code Wise are broadly categorised into the following: Regular License: A regular license will allow the buyer to use the purchased asset only once in a personal or commercial project. Any resale of the product on its own or as a part of any other project is strictly prohibited. Such a distribution of thee product will be considered as copyright infringement. Extended License: Although the extended license will not permit the buyer to resell the product on its own, it will allow the buyer to use the product as a part of any other project. It is a sub-license that allows the purchased product to be distributed or used in unlimited projects, both personal and commercial.
You can view the invoices of all your purchases under the link of Order Histories.
Source Code Wise and the particular author/developer provides post-purchase support for a period of 3 months from the day of purchase. Do bear in mind that neither Source Code Wise nor the developer/author can provide support for the following:-Product Installation
-Configuring third-party software
-Configuring the work environment for the product
-Demo-data Installation, if any.
Drop a message at the Support segment of the website and you will be assisted at the earliest. If the author fails to provide support within 48 business hours, Source Code Wise will look into the matter and provide added support.
If you face such an error it usually means that your payment has failed. Generally there is nothing that you or SoureCodeWise can do about it because payments are generally handled by third-parties such as the payment gateway or the provider. If you see “error processing your payment”, rest assured as it means that no amount was deducted from your account.
No, Source Code Wise does not charge any transaction fees.
We support all major payment methods such as PayPal, Credit Cards and Source Code Wise Credits.
Yes. We charge customers from the EU with VAT if required.
Resale of purchased products to third parties is strictly prohibited. However, you can use the source code for commercial purposes, such as pay-to-use software or place ads with a game, etc.
Only Source Code Wise reserves the IP rights to any app/game developed using our assets or products. The buyer will only be granted a distribution license.

Selling Questions

Following are the categories of products that can be sold at Source Code Wise - Unity Games TemplatesAndroid App Source CodeiOS App Source CodeAndroid Game TemplatesiOS Game Templates
Ideally it should take 24-28 business hours for your listing to get reviewed.
If a customer gets in touch with you demanding a refund and you find the claims justified, you can get in touch with Source Code Wise Support and we will help you out. You need to mention that you are voluntarily refunding the amount to the customer.
Source Code Wise has an online forum which brings together the community of authors. Drop a message on this forum and we guarantee you that someone or the other will come up with tips to resolve your query.
Source Code Wise does not provide the option for paid promotions. We feature only those products on our frontpage that we deem are of superior quality. Create a great product and we promise you it will be on our frontpage.
Yes, you can update your product listing on Source Code Wise. From your registered account, go to your listings’ page and select "edit". On the products menu, select the "files & tags” from the side-menu and unload a new .zip file. Upon uploading, we will take 1-2 business days to review your update and then your listing will go on air.
Technically, yes. But only Source Code Wise reserves the right of any listing removal. If you want your listing to be removed, get in touch with Support and we will be able to guide you through the process. Meanwhile, you can put a pause on your listing by going to the “edit” section on the listings’ page and “change the status” of your listing.
Source Code Wise only keeps 30% of every sale and the rest upto 70% goes to our authors/developers.
The option of Withdrawal will only be available to those who are listed as authors/developers on Source Code Wise. In order to be an author/developer you will have to first post your listing or product which will go up for sale. After a successful sale, from your registered account go to the “user menu” and click on Withdrawal and proceed with your preferred method of withdrawal. However, do keep in mind that Source Code Wise credits can not be withdrawn.
In order to withdraw your earnings you have to reach a minimum payout amount. Once the amount is reached, you can opt for withdrawal to a bank account or to a PayPal account. If your withdrawal is rejected, it is likely due to innvalid credentials or information. Fill in your account details carefully and make sure your bank or PayPal account is active and functioning. If you still face rejection of your withdrawal request, kindly contact your bank or PayPal for further support.
In order to complete a bank wire transfer, Source Code Wise requires some extra information. When you request a withdrawal, add the following information for a bank wire transfer.Account holder name Account holder address Account holder city Account holder country Bank name Bank city Bank country Bank account numberIBAN codeSWIFT code
Withdrawals are always paid on the 1st of every month unless it is a weekend or a holiday. In such a case, payments will be made on the next business day that follows.
PayPal and Bank Transfers are the payment methods supported for withdrawal.
You can submit your source cody once you register yourself as a seller on Source Code Wise by posting your listing on the site.
No, registration is completely free of cost.
Yes, you can sell such apps on Source Code Wise.
No, not necessarily, but if your product malfunctions, you are bound to provide support.
In order to post a listing you will have to upload a minimum of 4 screenshots of the same.
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