Implement Rewarded Ads November 4, 2020

How to implement Rewarded Ads from AdMob into a Unity?

Rewarded ads are advertisements that users have the power to interact with in exchange for in-app rewards. This guide shows you how AdMob rewarded ads can be implemented into a Unity app. Prerequisites Unity plugin 3.16.0 or higher.First Read How to implement AdMob Ads in Unity? You should also have the Google Mobile Advertising Unity plugin imported into...

How to implement AdMob Ads in Unity? November 1, 2020

How to implement AdMob Ads in Unity?

This guide is meant for publishers who would like a Unity app to be monetized. The first step towards viewing AdMob advertisements and collecting revenue is the implementation of the Google Mobile Ads Unity plugin into an app as you are going to do here. If the integration is complete, you can select an ad format...

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